The year is 357 of the Age of Sleep. The Great Dorrain Empire dominates the continent of Yeros, where the humanoid races hail from.

Salamir, a prince of Dorrain, was born first, but without the blessing of the Dragon. He will forever be a member of his younger sister, Emberia’s, court.

By striking a deal with the White beards clan, Salamir secured the funding to explore the oceans in search of new land to conquer in the name of Dorrain. Eventually, Salamir found what is now known as Salmir’s Bay. Emberia named Salamir Ward of the new tropical world. Salmir will mine diamonds, and send back exotic foods and pelts to be sold as commodities for the aristocrats of Dorrain.

100 settlers, in two ships, have set sail for Salamir’s Bay. Among these settlers there are:

40 slaves
20 white beards
30 of Salamir’s banner men
and 10 Warlocks of the Wyrm

You will play as one of these settlers, in a new tropical world where the laws only extend to the edge of the ramparts, and the only humanoids are a months sail away.

Salamir's Bay Company